hey! friends?!

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    Arriving in Hong Kong 2nd April.

    hey! friends?!

    hey! arrived in hong Kong two days ago, from northern ireland (chinese/irish) and really want to meet people! 19 years old and looking at the prospect of a social group of 10 yr old cousins and mothers friends; although my cantonese is verrry limited -_- open to clubbing, sight seeing, walking, hanging out or whatever! email me at [email protected]

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    i've sent you an email.

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    Do you want to have a coffee?? HaHa... I am nancy. I love coffee and would be free in these days. Btw. Do you have any contact numbers or ways?? xx

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    hi i'm from northern ireland as well!!
    Just moved here to Hong Kong a few months ago lol.

    Would love to meet up sometime!! you can send me a private message and we can hang out!!