Anyone from Harbourview Horizon?

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    Feb 2010

    I know this is a meet and greet thread although looked at Harbourview this evening and quite interested. Can anyone give me any info on the place.
    The shuttle bus is really handy for my work but what about evenings? Does anyone head over to HK Island for nightlife? Is it easy enough & cheap enough to get back to after a night out?
    What's shopping and transport (other than shuttle) like?
    What's the management like?
    Appreciate any advice you can give... maybe even meet for a drink if you can give me the low down?

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    Since swimming pool was reopened yesterday in our hotel, just want to know does anyone who has mercy and patience teach me how to swim every morning from 7 to 8pm. I did learn how to swim many times but still cannot work....Besides, if currently you are living in the harbourview horizon and eager to do some exercises in the morning about 7 am, pls pm me. Let's figure out...

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    We plan to rent an apartment in Harbourview Horizon this summer. We have 2 children and we plan to put them in the guest bedroom by using the single bed + a mattress directly on the floor.
    Can anyone tell me the dimension of the guest bedroom and/or the left space aside from the bed?

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    Am new to HK and Harbourview, saw this thread by chance - is the late night dim sum/drinks still going on?

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