Anime/Otaku People! The time has come.

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    Anime/Otaku People! The time has come.

    To be honest I am not a festive person. I don't like going to parties, clubs, or bars. Instead I like looking at scenery, sitting at the park, playing cards, and most of all, not moving at all. Don't get me wrong, I not a huge guy who snacks all day at all. However, I do enjoy eating tasty, local, authentic asian cuisines.

    The most important issue of this post is to address the title. At the age of 19 it has come to my attention that no matter what I will always be an otaku at heart. For the past four years I have been relatively silent about my activities, even at my uni when I shut the door to my dorm it was time to engage in my dirty little secret.

    Yeah I didn't have to write all of that,but... Just wondering if anyone with similar hobbies would like to hang out. People who are low key and enjoy the mellow life and of and discuss anime...etc.. I know you guys are out there. Don't worry, I'm one of you.

    Feel free to PM me instead of posting if you would like.

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    lol. Hey Julian - I'm 20 and I still quite love anime. When I first got to HK 2 months ago, I watched anime to fill the boredom. ^^

    And I agree about the low key activities as well. If you want, we can go watch a movie some time. I've been eying the new movies like ... was it Wolf Chronicles or something like that? The japanese movie that's just out.