Owl City 11/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDLM:
    Eh? Have you ever watched a gig in Grappa's?
    Watched 3 times. Played 2 times. To say that it's a superior live venue describes the dire state of the HK live music scene. It's far from ideal, that's all.

    I was merely trying to point out that people should be thankful the show has been moved to a place with far better acoustics and lighting, it'll make for a much more enjoyable show. Who cares what they do in at the Vine the rest of the week.

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    Talking Four tickets available for the show tonight


    If anyone wants to buy tickets for tonight's Owl City show, contact me. I have four tickets. Was going to go with a few friends, but things came up Hope someone else can enjoy the show in our place.

    $220/ticket. Email me through Geoexpat. I can arrange to meet you somewhere this afternoon.

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