Moving To HK in the future

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    Moving To HK in the future

    Hey everyone.

    I'm Quigs, I am a 20 year old student (I will be 21 when I move to HK)

    I am from the UK and hail from Essex/London area.

    I am currently wrapping up my third year at university studying film.

    I am moving out to HK after summer some time to live and work for a year at least.

    I have a job, visa, accomodation etc all lined up, so there are no worries there, the thing that I do not have lined up is people that I will know.

    It is a very daunting experience for me, when honestly, I am still very close to my family and friends.

    I can't wait to move out to HK and am really excited, but I was hoping to socialise and get to know people online before I make the transition, that way there are always people I can turn to/talk to, and/or meet up with.

    I am very passionate about film, music and gaming, but I will be leaving my gaming life behind me when I move, so that I can focus on my new job, life and my screenplays that I write.

    I hope people will be interested in talking to me and sharing their experiences of Hong Kong.

    I have no preference in terms of nationality and age, as I am looking for diversity, I know I may seem young, but I would like to assure people that I am relatively mature, (most of the time :P) and am looking to take every oppurtunity I get in life.

    I hope people get back to me.

    And I hope everyone is well.

    Kind Regards


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    ahh, a good ol' blighty... from essex to boot /grins

    greetings to you in advance then =]

    pm me if u want to contact me via msn

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    yuen long

    soooooooo....what games do you play?

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    Well, I own close to a hundred on the 360, so I suppose a more apt question would be, what games don't I play? :P

    At the moment I am playing Bayonetta and Darksiders, though am pretty busy with uni work.
    I used to play MW2 Free for alls a lot but I'm on a 78 win streak now and havent played for ages.

    Looking forward to Mass Effect 2

    What about you my friend?

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    yuen long

    ooh, I dont play 360 anymore heeheh, I am sticking with the computer games l4d, titan guest, counterstrike and so on : [
    where abouts you going to live in HK?

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    Well this is the thing.

    I don't actually know, it's all being sorted out as a graduation present by my uncle who is a big businessman.

    I can't wait to get out of the UK though, but if I'm honest am quite afraid.

    Ah the classic days of the PC.

    I never liked Counterstrike, but I used to be a call of duty 2 pro on it, and then I became an Xbox whore :P

    Though interestingly, I just downloaded Serious Sam HD on Xbox Live Arcade, reminciscing something wondrous!!

    I bloody love that game, one of the best, most fun shooters, pretty solid on Serious difficulty as well!

    What do you do in HK?