Calling all bikers!

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    Bike Meet

    Hi, Like a lot of you guys i'm new to HK but have been riding a while. I've just joined up with a group of guys who do exactly what you're discussing, I did try meeting up with the hong kong superbike club but it doesn't seem they turn up regularly. I'm new to the group and will need to ask about meeting arrangements but we join up with other riders at Route twisk around 8am then go up to Sha Tau Kok, if anyones interested i'll get more details.

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    I'm interested!
    Average street rider!!
    Well had my fare share of crashes!
    Have HK driving license but no bike at the moment!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hei811:
    hey, check out Ah Lam @ Mong Kok; was just there & saw that they have brand new Aprillia RS250s & RS125s for what i think are good prices~

    get it~! RS250 man~! YEAH~!!!
    Definately don't want an Aprillia, And how old are they exactly as they stopped making them quite a few years back so I assume they've been sitting around for a while.

    I've always wanted an NSR250 SP so will probably go for one of those, Might go for the retro look and get rothmans paintjob rather than repsol.

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    I'm going to be moving over to HK in a month or so, and will buy a bike pretty soon after. At the moment I've got a zx6r, but don't think i'll that will be any good for HK roads. Maybe a 250 2stroke for trackdays in Zhuhai though?

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