anyone for majong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cilley:
    I have the table & equipment, can also play in my home if you like, but the location may be a bit far away to all of you.
    Cilley, count me in, I also live in Yuen Long :>

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    cilley, where you located?

    Oh wait, just saw lik06's post- Yuen Long? Well I guess that WOULD be a bit far... for me anyway :P

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    If Lik06 and Chilley is okay, I am game but we need one more. Okay this week except for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Send a email when have 1 more.

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    I'd be up for a game too. What time do you guys plan on meeting?

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    Hi there,

    It seems that you guys and gals won't play with realy money or yes?
    I am interested to play as well

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    Mahjong network

    Sent an email out and a few replies.

    Anyone want to play send email me your phone nembers and I call up people to arrange a 8 round game.

    I'll send out cash odds, player availability, meeting place.

    Send the email, rate you skills- A-Pro B- Semi-Pro C- Novice D- Water Fish

    Hopefully I can arrange a few games.


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    Smile mahjong

    Can I join? I love playing mahjong. I live in NT

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