Gday people,
im still fairly new to this forum so many of you wont know me yet. but i plan to change that in the coming months.
anyway im currently missing out on all the gatherings because i have to attend a university function in Australia.
However i am also detained down here for my 21st so i was thinking we could organise a good gathering around the 29th of April.
since its close proximity to my 21st i will be treating it accordingly and look forward to a good night.

however im opening this thread for idea's and suggestions. i know its abit early however the way i figure it, it would be good to have some idea's on the table.
anyway lets get a discussion going and see what happens.

and for those who are on tonights gathering i salute you and wish you all the best in your quest for an awsome night. by the sounds of things you have right mix.

all the best