hello everyone~..

i am acutally a undergraduate who is studying in sydney and just wanted to gather some information on what degree should i get in order to work in hong kong. i can speak fluent cantonese as well as read or write.

i am kinda lost with no directions at all, but i am interested in mainly teaching in hong kong. i wanted to get a degree which gives me more oppuntunity to find a job not only as a teacher.

atm.. i am deciding if i should get either a normal Bachelor of business degree, a Bachelor of education (earlychildhood) degree or a Bachelor of Arts with a social psychology major (then probably do a year to get sth like a master of teaching).

i am more intersted in doing the Arts-social psy degree, cos i think it mite gives me more job oppuntunities, such as social worker, teacher, or they mite even hire me in business rite??? and also does it matter which University i gradurated?? as i mite have to get into this not so well known university -___-"

i really need some help thanks everyone~..