hey all,

I've been living in Australia for most of my life; growing up and studying in Australia. My family is in Hk though and I usually return to HK every christmas. Although I can only conversate in Cantonese (can't write or read) but I am really interested in working in HK.

I'm planning to work in Hong Kong in public relations upon graduation at the end of the year. I haven't had any full-time, substantial experience yet however, I will be commencing a 6 months PR internship in Australia soon. Does anyone know what the salary is for entry level PR graduates? because I know salary is negotiable in HK and they often ask you to state your expected salary.

Second question is whether I need to write and read fluently in Cantonese and/or Mandarin if I was to undertake a position in PR? If so, does this requirement differ amongst multinationals and more localised firms?