Hey folks,

Just curious if anyone here knows what the opportunites are like for Java and Ruby software devs in HK? From some of the threads I've read here, HK is not exactly a great place for a long-term IT career? Bit about me just to help with the response - I've got 6+ years experience working on back-end systems, primarily in Java. I have a masters in CompSci and can work in HK without a visa (was born there, left at a young age, but got a HKID). I expect the salary to be obviously less than what I get in the US and the available domains of work to be more limited. Not big issues for me, as I'm more interested in experiencing the work environment and culture there for at least a year or two.

I've perused through some listings on jobsdb.com and while there are positions available, most of them are looking for .NET experience with at most 3-4 years experience.

Can anyone provide some insight, i.e. prospects, salary expectations, more typical than not that devs are worked to death?