Jobs? Law (if not teaching)

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    Jobs? Law (if not teaching)

    Hey all

    SO the count down continues for a job. In August I will be attending grad school at HKU, & my boyfriend is looking for work (we are both coming from NY). He plans on attending law school in the future and was hoping for an opportunity to work in an international law firm in HK. His experience ranges from law office work, to finacial work, to teaching english (previously in mainland china)

    Anyway, we have been searching and posting his resume on monster and other sites. Any other suggestions? He is so smart and able! His last resort is to teach english, is this a hard job to get from abroad, any good sites to check out?

    Last question! we are looking to rent an apartment (cheapest one we can find!) when renting what papers/information for renter do we need?

    Thanks! Keep your fingers crossed.

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    Check out these folks ..

    They advertise a fair bit on

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    Thanks for the information, KnowItAll.

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    106 is a good one, as well
    i guess yr bf should approach headhunters once flying in. paralegal positions are a good stepping stone