Architects in HK

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    Architects in HK

    I am a graduate architect considering moving to Hong Kong from Australia to work. I have about of year post grad experience and only speak English and a little Korean. Can anyone offer me any advice about the architecture industry in Hong Kong and my chances of finding work there.


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    hi elle,
    I recently moved to hong kong from Oz aswell, looking for architectural work (i had one and a half yrs work exp). I only speak english but i found work relatively quickly. Its a busy time in the construction industry, and there are quite a few job opportunities going around. A friend of mine arrived from Oz shortly after i did, and found work too (he had 2 yrs exp- and can only speak english).If you only speak english it'll prob b alot easier to get work from the bigger international firms. It is very competitive here tho, and there are no award rates, its all by negotiation. But if u ask for a fair salary....based on what you might be getting in oz....there should b no probs..
    If u have any questions, feel free to pm me...