Media Jobs in HK

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    Media Jobs in HK

    I'm a TV producer in Canada moving to HK at the end of the month. What's HK's market like for TV producers? Where are the best places to look for work? ie websites, papers, etc...

    Here is a sample of my work...

    Is there much demand for english speaking producers in news or lifestyle programs?

    Thanks for the help!!!


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    Finding media job

    It really depends on your language skills. I assume you don't have any Cantonese in which case its going to make it difficult. The loacl English langauge stations TVB, ATV are unlikely to take you on without local langauge and/or knowledge. They are certainly worth a try but by all accounts they are famously difficult to break into.

    Your best bet directly is to try the Discovery Channels they have quite a large presence out here, although I'm not sure how much production they do.

    Out of your area slightly but CNN also has a large presence out here and carries out a good bit of production.

    There is also the oppurtunity to freelance as their is plenty going on in the region, but that leaves you with the problem of a visa. has a good range of media jobs that you may be able to apply your skills to and if your lucky you may even find the job you want

    Hope that helps and good luck

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    StarTV does a fair bit of work here.

    There are also a fair number of boutique outfits like

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    Media jobs

    Thanks guys.

    I do speak and read Cantonese. In fact I was born in HK & immigrated to Canada when I was 10. But becasue I have not written a word of Chinese (except on the odd chirstmas and b-day cards to my grandparents) my wrting is terrible.

    And I hope my HK identity card will come through too - given that I was born in HK.

    Now back to job opportnities, do you think that'll put me a better position? And are there good sites for job postings on CNN and Discovery Asia?

    And are there sites for the english media community in HK?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jessytse:
    And are there sites for the english media community in HK?
    Not sure of websites, but the Foreign Correspondents' Club is a good place to physically meet many of the English-speaking media people in HK.