Any industrial designers here?

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    Any industrial designers here?

    Hi people!

    Are there any industrial designers here?

    I will soon leave the Netherlands to settle in HK for a couple of years, to get closer look at 'my culture'. I have MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) but no working experience yet except for some internships. Though English, Dutch and German are good, my cantonese is still poor. But I desperately want to improve it while being there. My sister, a student at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, will join me and seek for an internship.

    I'm curious to the experiences of other foreign product designers working in HK and mainland. Are there any design offices compareable with the european ones? How is it to do design work in HK, if you could compare it to other (western) offices? Can you give some recommendations? Do have any chance getting a job there? Any information is welcome!

    Thanks! Winy Cheung

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    Hi Winy,

    Good to hear there is another industrial designer in town soon.

    I am graduated from MA Industrial Design from CSM, London and am working as Toy designer in Hong Kong. I also worked in UK before for Toy company and design counsultancy.

    Hong Kong has a lots of opportunity for design but of course it depends what kind of job you want to do and what field you want to be.

    For engineeing, many factories have moved to mainland China so yes I think there will be lot of jobs.

    From my experience, working in Europe is more relax and working hrs in HK is much longer.

    You can check out website for job search and it may be give you a better picture.

    Feel free to contact me if you need any help.
    MSN: [email protected]



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    Hi Winy,

    Nice to see some people coming from Europe around here. I am relocating to HK to work from the UK and I've travelled to Netherlands quite a few times to see friends and Bunnik to party.

    Anyway, I have a friend who works in a Toy Company doing design, he graduated in the UK with a product design degree and he didn't find it hard to get work in HK. The company he worked for made those Robosapiens and the head office is based in TST. You might want to look that up to see if they have any vacancies...that's all I can help with in terms of a design job.