Law firms and Australian universities

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    I would say if you want to diversify in today's environment, a finance degree is essential (if you want to move into a commerce related field). 10 yrs ago it would be possible with just a law degree cos of the tech boom, but I think most banks today would require you at least have the foundation knowledge in finance (so you can at least speak intelligently at interviews).

    Remember law and commerce are two totally different fields, and law is not a natural progression towards finance...

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    i did a combined commerce and law degree and unimelb and i would recommend it.

    from memory, a straigh law degree takes about 4 years, while a double degree (combining law with another degree) takes an additional year. so it is definitely worthwhile for you to do a double.

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    The problem is, to do Law/Commerce at Melb, I need Maths at A2 Level, which I haven't done. So I can only do either Arts/Law or just plain Law.

    I'd rather take my chances with plain law!

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    strange man, it sounds like you are gonna do pcll whether you do a double degree or not and start off as a lawyer. and if you were to diversify into banking then that would only happen later on. if thats the case then i suggest just doing law. i know people from law firms who have gone to banking but with arts/law degrees originally. you will find that most lawyers move because of the contacts they make as a lawyer rather than having the theoretical basis from uni. its all about the networking! and if you keep up to date with whats going on in the markets (which you would be as a commercial lawyer) then you will be fine.
    plus six years is a loooong time

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    methozip - I agree a move was easier 10 yrs ago cos of the boom and the banks are willing to retrain you. You will find that these days, most lawyers moving into banks are either going in-house or working in a middle office function.

    Networking is one thing, but at the end of the day, you need to demonstrate that you can analyse financial data and build a model if you want to move into front office - that doesnt come from legal practice. And bear in mind, in a market like HK, there are no shortage of ppl with more direct finance skills and experience.

    Strange man - I'm sure you can do a commerce degree with law even if you dont have maths - you just need to do a summer bridging course for maths units - look into it. Ultimately though - you need to ask yourself whether you see yourself in a legal function (in a law firm or inhouse in a bank) - if yes, then i would say a double degree if not necessary for your case.

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