Best exchange rate in town for cash AUD to HKD?

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    Best exchange rate in town for cash AUD to HKD?

    Where would I find the best rate in Hong Kong for exchanging a reasonably large amount (thousands) of Australian dollars cash for HK dollars cash. AU$1 = approx HK$6.

    I did search through the forums a bit and was surprised to find not too much information (probably my slack searching skills). Although I did find several references to the Chung King Mansion in Nathan Road. Do people consider this to be the best place to go? I am a pretty hard bargainer and totally prepared to do 30 minutes footwork playing money changers off against each other, so it's good to find a place with half a dozen of them within reasonably close walking distance.

    I am prepared to go anywhere in HK within say a 30 minute MTR ride of Central (one-way).

    My experience around the world is that you tend to get better rates from those hole-in-the-wall money changers than the banks, as long as you are prepared to bargain hard and pretend to walk away. And also the transaction is usually quicker and easier, no queuing. (That means waiting in a line for you Americans )

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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