please help.... my bf needs a job

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    It will be very tough for him to find an IT job in HK. He doesn't have any advantage over anybody else in HK whos into IT. Aswell as no degree. Many IT ppl have a basic degree in HK, yet they will be working on at the 7000 - 9000 mark max, until they get a bit more experience. It is very hard to survive in HK on that amount of money!!!

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    It is hard but u can try

    Hongkong is lovely, and everyone loves it. But this is not enough. The biggest problem for you and your BF should be working visa and the jobsearch. Even if you or you BF find an employer willing to hire your BF, it is not guaranteed that he will get a working visa to start working. Your BF or the employer have to explain to the immigration Department why your BF is needed in this job and why a local can not fill this position.
    Computer Skills is, as someone else said before, not a rare gift in HK. Your BF must have at least some qualifications, which are not easily can be find in HK. Starting with some high degrees, then some foreign language besides english, and end with a high salary to satify the officials promising high tax payments.

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    Totally agree with the last two posters, I went through exactly the same thing and have now given up on I.T helpdesk work in HK.

    Companies will want you to work for peanuts even though you have good skillset and experience thus thats where the main problem lies, If you need a work permit then the job itself must be paying at least 20k a month for immigration to even consider your for a work permit.

    But then some companies are only willing to pay 15k a month for somebody with a lot of experience.

    Its a messed up world out there, In London I'm on 30k a month for surfing the net all day as a junior helpdesk analyst and after a while you get spoilt and expect to be on something similar elsewhere. Thus the culture shock is totally different too.

    Well paid in the States/U.K and do nothing or be poorly paid and work your butt off.

    Its not really a difficult choice to be honest.

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    Unhappy Working In Hong Kong

    Very difficult indeed!

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