Radiographer's salary in HongKong

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    Smile Radiographer's salary in HongKong

    I am new to GeoExpat...
    I am an Australian trained 7 years post university qualified radiographer. I am wondering if it is worthwhile for me to make a move to Hongkong for at least one year and wonder what are the salary for expat diagnostic radiographer working in Hongkong is.
    Any feedbacks would be appreciated..


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    Are you registered as a radiographer with the Register of Radiographers Board, Hong Kong, and hold a valid practising certificate?

    I'm sure your qualifications are more than adequate to practise in Hong Kong but the above are required by law.

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    Thank you Claire for this information. I already know about registration with the Radiographers Board before going to HongKong to practise. I also know this may take a couple of months to complete.
    I am more interested in finding out the level of pay on the higher scale for a Registration Part I radiographer as an example...