Career doldrums

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    Career doldrums

    I'm in my late-20s and have been working for an NGO/think-tank type of organisation for the past 5 years. My job description has been hard to pin down. I write policy research reports, enlist & work with government/corporate partners on various studies, organise media events, oversee the editorial side of an executive newsletter and manage various projects. The pay isn't great and there is no prospect of further advancement. A number of absenteee higher-ups usually take most of the credit for my work. The reason I have stayed so long is that I've been enamored with the amount of interaction with very senior people this job allows me. I figured it would open some doors, but in fact it hasn't.

    I want out of this niche position, but the options seem limited. I have an undergraduate business degree and a master's in the social sciences. I only have 1 prior year of experience in the private sector. Some people have suggested taking time out to do an MBA, but this doesn't interest me. My girlfriend just completed an MBA and I basically "helped" her with all her work. I don't feel I have anything to learn from an MBA programme.

    I have sent my CV to some headhunters and search firms, but haven't received responses. I have applied for consulting positions, but only received one offer from a husband & wife-run firm that seemed no better than my present position (I suppose I lack the top-MBA pedigree valued by top-tier firms). I interviewed at an international agency, but was told that I would only be considered for an editorial position. I received an offer from a corporate investigations/security firm but decided I don't want to go down this path. I seem to have had the most luck interviewing for market research positions, but find the nature of this work very narrow and monotonous.

    I scour the classifieds, but rarely find any positions that suit someone with my background.
    I am running out of ideas on where to take my career. I suppose I am considered a generalist by most employers. I'd be very grateful for any advice on career strategies.

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    Do you know what you want to do? I cant get any clues about what direction you're headed in, what you want, from your post.

    Quite often, people cant find what they're looking for, because they don't know what it is they're looking for.

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    and when you are in that situation whatever headhunter or agencies u go to cannot help you because they can't be deciding on your life for you! 8-P