Salary Adjustment SG->HK

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    Salary Adjustment SG->HK

    Hi all,
    I have been reading up on most of the posts here, and I have to say, they have been extremely helpful in assisting me to make the decision on whether to move to HK.

    I have been through 3 interviews, and am currently expecting the last interview in 2 weeks with senior management of a HR Consultancy in HK, where I expect will discuss the total salary and remuneration package.

    I am 33 and currently working in S'pore - resource manager for an IT company with 10 years working experience. My salary in HKD equivalent would be around HKD 35,000.

    This said job - regional HR consultant. They see value in having me manage and develop their IT accounts.

    I understand I would need to put a "delta" on this figure to adjust for the increase in living expenses etc.

    What would be a good figure to start with?

    Of course we have not gone into talking about how much housing allowance will I get etc. My strategy would be to ask for housing allowance, if that does not work out, I will at least settle for company paying for rental deposits and short term relocation expenses.

    Your advise please.

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    Aren't jobs in recruitment consultants largely commission-based? That was certainly my understanding, so the base salary is often a small fraction of what you might earn if you were very successful in the role...

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    Could try salary survey

    Michael Page a recruitment agent has salary surveys for Singapore and HK might give you an idea of base increment to ask for.