Physiotherapy and Optometry

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    Physiotherapy and Optometry

    Anyone know how the working conditions are for these two professions in Hong Kong, including the amount of jobs, working time and salary?

    I'm interested in both hospital and private for Physiotherapy

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    There aren't many opportunities for PTs in Hong Kong unless you are a fluent Cantonese speaker. but it's not impossible. There are a couple of private practices and some paediatric settings (special schools, child development centres) but they don't advertise often. Your best bet is to try to go private. In this case, you can either set up your own practice but that would be hard to establish if you don't have a reputation to get you going. Better to contact some of the private practices and see if they are hiring. Salary is based on the Master Pay Scale mostly CSB - Master Pay Scale
    unless you do private in which case it's usually on a comission basis.

    This is a good place to start in terms of making sure you can legally practice here
    The Physiotherapists Board

    Hope that get's you started