I need a job !

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    I need a job !

    Anyone knows any jobs opportunities in bank that willing to hire foreigner ? tha main problme that i'm not able to find job is i am a foreigner, i dont have HKID and i need the working visa.

    I am major in IT, have 1.6 years working experiences in programming. but i not really want to work in IT. i wish to try some other careers in bank, like credit card dept or anything, i'm can speak english, cantonese, chinese, malay and hakka. any helps ?

    kindly appreciated if any feedbacks are given.

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    well, according to the experience u mention to hv, chances are that u wont get the working visa. In order to be sponsored u must show to Immigration authorities, that u possess special skills or a talent that cannot be easily or readily found in Hk;plus like i said before it seems u dont hv enough experience that could work as an advantage. ,sorry to disappoint but chances are very minimal, not to mention impossible. Wish u good luck on ur quest for a job in Hk, and hv hope!!!!!

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    I wish you all the best,Paula