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    I am currently looking for work in HK as it seems many people are, as a qualified UK accountant. Agencies such as Jobsdb and Monster and the headhunters I have looked so far havn't been much use. Also, reading some of the forums it appears you are better placed by actually being in HK so that is what I intend doing at the end of this month for a couple of weeks. So that I make best use of my time in HK I would be grateful for any advice regarding agencies to visit, companies to target and any other ways of marketing myself. Any great bars would also be useful, I need to have fun aswell.


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    To be honest it's hard to see why there would be the necessity to bring an accountant in from overseas, Hong Kong is hardly short of accountants. Do you have some special creative accounting skill that is otherwise not available in Hong Kong?

    Maybe being UK qualified might be a benefit for a particular company with a UK connection that needs to file accounts in the UK for some reason? Then again, if they have a strong UK connection they would probably just transfer someone over from the UK office.

    All in all, it's hard to see how it will work but then again I don't know much about accounting so maybe others can advise better.