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    healthcare jobs

    My husband is thinking of moving back to hong Kong (were he was born and raised). I am wondering about job prospects for myself. I have a degree in nursing and have worked in public health for the last 9 years, and I have very very poor cantonese skills. Is there any chance of getting a healthcare job when I am english speaking?

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    Yes. Well-trained nurses are in demand, as with just about everywhere else in the world. There are plenty of Western operated clinics and doctors offices out here. Find one that has a position open (shouldn't be too hard) and you're likely in. Although, one thing to keep in mind is that HK may have some licensing standards that you have to comply with in order to be qualified to work as a nurse here. Not sure what they are, but it would be worth checking into.

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    I am in a similar situation. i am an ICU nurse here in the states, but when we move in august, i will be a stay at home wife until i go through what appears to be a lengthy licensing process. is the nursing council's website, and there's a section for nurses trained outside HK.

    I can't find much other information online, but i am certainly searching. let me know what you find out.