How aggressive should a job-seeker be?

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    I typically send a thank you note by email after an interview. The question is, should you go to the trouble of contacting HR or a manager after submitting an application? When you apply for a job through online systems, you receive an automatic confirmation that your application was received. Does it really increase your chances of an interview to call HR at a large organization (say Citigroup) to check once more if they received your application?

    And after spending the time to customise your cover letter and CV, is it worth tracking down the line manager and contacting them directly (at the risk of pissing them off, as in freeier's case?)

    All the career books advise you to be proactive, but does it really apply to jobs at large banks and corporates in a place like Hong Kong?

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    the best way is like what kia said, get someone else that knows the employer and arrange for a drinking session. in a social environment its always easier to get to know a person.

    that wld work.. else... dun just cold call an office and get stuck not knowing what to say.

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    There is no point, in my opinion, calling up HR for an organisation like Citi. There will be little if any connection with the hiring manager that would help your cause.

    Big companies you need to network or go for the traditional route of replying to ads, agencies etc.

    Small companies you can try being more proactive.

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    Should you call HR after an interview or should you wait two weeks to call and than follow up with the status of your application? Any way to word it so that it looks more professional and not desprate for the job?

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    Two weeks is too long a wait in HK. Right now, offers to the right candidate / followup interviews etc are running on 24 hour cycles.