Summer Internship Opportunities

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    Summer Internship Opportunities

    I'm a current undergraduate at an American university (going into 2nd year after this summer), and I'm wondering how to find a summer job in Hong Kong. I've been going through some of the more major job websites, or, but most of those jobs are for people with their degrees already.

    I'm a math/economics major, which is the equivalent of an actuarial science major in a business school and I was wondering if anyone here knew where or how I should start looking. Any information would be greatly appreciated .

    I know it's kind of hard to get a summer job as a first year and on such short notice as well, but if anyone knows, that would be great, cause I don't want to idle around all summer!

    Edit: After posting, I found a bunch of other threads about pretty much the same topic. According to those, I guess I should start looking earlier maybe next year and just send in my resume to a bunch of places hoping for a positive reply (banks and financial firms mainly cause of my major).

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