Qs about documents needed for Employment Visa

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    Qs about documents needed for Employment Visa

    Guys, I have questions related to Employment Visa application.
    1. Which form do I need to fill out?
    2. How many reference letters do I need to provide? I am applying for marketing jobs and I have about 1 year marketing-related expereince. I worked in other fields prior to that, but my previous bosses have left their companies. And I do have a 2-year-gap as I was in graduate school.
    3. What goes on the reference letter? Does it need to be addressed to the Immigration Office?
    4. Do I need to provide a copy of my BA degree diploma, or only my master diploma will do? Both? I am afraid that my BA diploma is burried in one of my storage boxes in the States!
    5. Do I need to write a personal statement? If I do, is there any smaple anyone can provide?
    I think that's all. Is there anything else I am missing on my end? Please let me know if there is. Haven't gotten a job yet, but I think it's better that I start collecting supporting documents.

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    You probably want to start on Immigration's website if you're at the point where you need to know which form you need to fill up.

    By the way, if you're in Hong Kong, drop by the enquiry counter and they have experienced and senior immigration officers who will answer your questions VERY accurately.

    Generally speaking, there is no such thing as too much information, as long as its relevant to the job and your application (they don't need to know when you lost your first tooth for example..).

    Reference letters are usually copies of whatever you have available to you currently as a reference letter... "to whom it may concern" is ok.

    You do need copies of degree certificates. Certified copies are ok if you cant find your originals.

    Don't think you need to write a personal statement... you only need those for grad school and cyberport tenancy applications.

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    Thanks so much! Ya, I am in HK. I will drop by immigration office ans get some help.

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    Smile How did you go?

    Hi April

    Just wondering how you went? I am currently in the same situation, just have to get down to office. Do you know how long the waiting time for approval is?

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    Is it normal for the applicants to be involved like this? My employer simply borrowed my passport for a couple of days and sorted out all the paperwork. I don't recall having to produce anything else except a copy of my degree certificate.

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    It really depends on the applicants situation and the job being offered.