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NET Scheme

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    NET Scheme

    The NET Scheme asks you to have a tefl cert but doesnt mention which sort.
    Does it have to be the trinity/cambridge ones?
    Am assuming short ones like i-to-i dont count...

    Also anyone on the NET have been told that in some local schools the NETs get treated like outsiders and its not much fun for them. Any first hand accounts as to whether this is true.

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    Can't say much about the rules, but there is a correlation between experience and qualifications on one hand and income on the other. (As with most jobs).

    I would go for the best one feasible if I were you.

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    Hi Bagpuss,

    I am also considering the NET scheme and yes, it's very difficult to get any information on it! Having spoken to a few teachers who know teacher's that have done it, I can tell you that your experience with the NET scheme really depends on the school, and of course your own attitude.
    It's probably a good idea to be in HK and attend several interviews (at schools) before you decide on which one to go for, and if you actually want to do it! HK schools are quite different to schools in the western world. Not sure if you're here already or overseas?
    Also, are you already a teacher and just looking to get a TEFL to allow you to teach ESL, or do you have a completely different background and just looking to switch lanes?

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    Contact if you're after a primary position. for more secondary school advice.
    They both have guest sections where you can post an enquiry.

    The TESOL/TEFL must be 100 hours long and there is a list (somewhere) of which providers are approved.

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