My wife and I moved to HK less than two months ago with her job, so I have a dependent visa. I resigned from my job in the States with a major logistics company after nearly 5 years with an indication that they might offer me a position here once we settled in. I realize I may be being impatient, but I've not heard anything back yet. So, I have begun looking elsewhere. I have a few questions, and after reading through other threads, I hope the crowd can help answer them.
1. Is it true that at this time of year most companies are holding off on hiring until after the new year, or even until after Chinese New Year?
2. HK is a huge logistics hub, can anyone suggest some local players that might be interested in someone with US experience? I've submitted applications to many of the major players.
3. I worked in International Marketing, so my skills are translatable to many other industries. Banking/Finance, while a major sector in HK, is hard to break into. Could anyone help point me in another direction?
I have a BA in History and Spanish Language (very helpful here, huh?) and I am planning on pursuing my MBA while here (full time if no job offers come, part time if they do).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.