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    I'm not sure whether HK doctors have been represented in a fair fashion in this thread. You have to bear in mind that this is a different medical system, and above all a different culture to the UK.

    I obtained my specialist qualifications in Australia myself and am working in a HK hospital amongst locally trained doctors, and I have nothing but praise for my colleagues. Sure, the approach may be a little different, and they may not be the biggest party-animals (how can you be, when you are working such horrible hours?) but it's bit harsh to say they don't have any social skills and can't speak to foreigners.

    You have to be prepared to work hard though, esp in a public hospital. And I have heard the licensing exam is hard. I did not have to go through it because I was already registered in HK before they started the exam business. As for the financial reward, if you are good, you will get your patients back. Sure, there are some dodgy doctors out there who give antibiotics for the flu, but there are also plenty who practise good medicine as well, and do just fine.

    One thing you should prepare yourself for if you do work here, is that the public hospital system is not as well resourced as you might be used to in the UK. There is a long waiting list for some diagnostic tests, and many restrictions on drugs which are already the standard of care in Western countries. When you cannot offer your patients the level of care you are used to, it somewhat detracts from the level of satisfaction you get from your job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efg1111:
    ....surely as a doctor in training you don't make that much cos with 16% tax thats alot more than the UK!!
    Have you actually paid tax in the UK? Even the basic rate tax of tax in the UK is higher than 16%. After 2-3 years working in the NHS, you will be a higher rate taxpayer, and you get taxed a whopping 40%. Where do you get your inaccuarate figures from?

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    Are there any Amercian trained physicians there? I'm currently practicing in the United States...I am US-trained in anesthesiology with special qualifications in Critical Care Medicine...but I'm from Hong Kong....and although unlikely, I can potentially see myself practicing there in the future.

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    Hi guys, I know this forum appears to be quite dated a few years but was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a Singaporean MO who may want to work in HK?

    I'm a singaporean medical officer trained in both Paeds (1 year) and Ophthalmology(1year). currently taking exams with FRCSEdinburgh in Ophthalmology. My dad's family is from Guangzhou & HK so I am pretty well-versed in Cantonese(: Was wondering what the job opportunities for Ophthalmology training are in HK? Do I have to take any additional exams??

    HOpe someone can help!

    Thanks lots!