Nurses in HK

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    Nurses in HK

    I am fr Singapore and plan to get married to my HK BF. I have plans to shift over to HK but do not know how's the employment opportunities there.I am currently working as a nurse (pediatric)in S'pore.Would appreciate if anyone could answer the following:
    1) Is it difficult to get a nursing job in HK? (esp. pediatric discipline)
    2) What is the salary range for foreign nurses(like myself)

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    You need to be a Registered Nurse.
    No Enrolls anymore for new employment.

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    That goes with physical therapist

    so do i need to take licensure there in hk just to work? i have my license here in our country. do that counts as license?

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    you may check out with The Nursing Council of HK

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    A registered nurse salary coming from Australia is quite good due to the tax rate. But in Australia I can salary sacifice so it is pretty equal.
    Sue B