suggested job for 20 yr old native english speaker?

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    suggested job for 20 yr old native english speaker?

    Hi! I just moved here in hong kong about a week ago and looking for a job. I cant speak cantonese but i could understand a little...I could speak in mandarin and putonghua (although im a little rusty)

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    1. Depends on immigration status. If you don't have the right to work it can be difficult.

    2. Teaching English may be an option. But, if you have Chinese blood it can become a little harder.

    3. What other experience do you have? Little bit of background will be helpful to give you more ideas.

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    no worries regarding immigration status, im already a hong kong citizen.

    as for teaching, im currently trying tutoring (playgroups, oral) for kids through an agency

    well I'm a fresh grad, worked as a quality analyst for a call center for a year. also had experience in freelance web designing (although must admit twas a long time ago haha i need a little refresher)

    I want to get into the creative/design industry, I can't really enroll for the course right now because school year had already started but i do want to get some experience..

    anyone know an advertising agency looking to hire someone w/o experience, cant speak cantonese but very eager to learn and creative?