Salary for an Entryish-Level Architect

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    Salary for an Entryish-Level Architect

    Hi all,

    So recently I've been given an offer as what is essentially a junior-level designer at an boutique-sized architectural firm. I was asked to suggest an expected salary, and have so far been looking up industry averages and whatnot. The figures I got are typically in the range of 18K-25K/month for a graduate, but considering that I have one solid year of experience in the bag (and am perfectly bilingual) I feel that I could ask for something more than said range, but really have no idea if I would be way out of the ballpark here.

    To give you a better picture may I also mention that I was approached for the position in the first place, but that the prospective employer is also aware that my family lives in HK (I myself had been out of the country, well city-state, for the past 8 years) so they may use that as a reason to low-ball me seeing that I could live with the fam?


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    Regardless if local or not, the employers want to low-ball you. If they are serious then they don't mind to negotiate. I asked for 50% more and ended up getting close to that and also a salary review after 6 months. But I would focus more on the initial salary and not give weight to "future promises".

    25k can definitely get by, but anything less than that gets a little rough, in my opinion.

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