Hi everyone

i'm planning to come to hong kong next year, before I go, i think i'll do a Cert TESOL at UNSW in sydney and using it as an opportunity to try a different career path

I'm currently a pharmacist, no prior teaching experience, but thinking of applying for the NET scheme. I've read some forums and as far as i can tell, there is a chance sometimes that ppl without experience can still get an offer

Is it better to apply for the NET scheme as the living allowance is pretty good, or to arrive in hong kong first, then look for a job in a language school or something? (ie therefore forgoing the allowance, but with more flexibility when i get here).

I'm worried that i won't end up liking teaching English anyway as i've never done it before. Teaching a class of 40 kids sounds hard. Ii used to love English in high school, and reading etc, but since doing a science based degree at uni, haven't really focused on the humanities side of my brain.

Any pointers, pearls of wisdom or comments of what to expect from ppl who've been there, done that, would be invaluble!!

Thanks in advance!