UK Based Security Professional would love to go to HK

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    UK Based Security Professional would love to go to HK

    Hello All,

    Hope you can help. I am a UK citizen with 10 years experience in Information Security, specifcally, risk and security management, ISO27001, Business Continuity and CISCO security. I have worked for both the pulic sector and private sector (including finance) through two high profile UK consultancies.

    I have a BSC Hons in Computing, CISSP, CISA, CCSP and PRINCE 2. I have not done an MBA but am considering it at the moment. (very expensive).

    Anyway the question is can I get a job in HK, and if so where do I start. I have applied for a few positions through jobsdb, but just get ignored. I dont have a work visa or speak cantonese, so am I being unrealistic?

    My other thought was to become a contractor and maybe do some contract work in HK, again not sure how realistic this is?

    I would be willing to come over to HK to do interviews etc but would probably only have 1-2 weeks.

    I am really open to advice so if you can point me in the right direction, HK in 08 (I hope so!)


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    PM me your details and CV and I'll see if our place have any roles in Sec risk management.

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    The market is very limited here, 80% of companies are tiny. Enterprise IT is a Linksys consumer router as I am humorously reminded by the local press.

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    You got some pretty good skills and certifications . There shouldn't have a big problem finding a job here, its just a matter if you are satisfied with the money compare to what you are getting in UK (?) There was a sudden hype around security in HK before when SoX came in, a number of companies needed compliance specialist before not sure if there is any relations to what you have done or want to do. English is the standard language in all the big firms in HK so not speaking Chinese might not be a big issue ( just check with employer or recruitment agency on this one ). I know a few IT recruitment agencies here, PM me if you are interested getting some referrals. Cheers.