Brief introduction about myself, I am a recently graduated college student who from United States with a degree in finance (think top 50 state school), with 3.46 major GPA. I was born in Hong Kong (have HK ID, and lived here for 10 years), I speak fluently Cantonese and English, conversational french, and currently learning mandarin (can read most of it). I have had various internships (all in US) in hedge fund NY, equity research & portfolio management roles for my university's endowment fund, medium frequency Crude Oil / Gold Futures trading, bottom line is I gained a foundation set of skills for most of what front office roles demands (from DCF modeling to portfolio trading)

Now my question is, what are the ways in which I could obtain an front office role in Hong Kong given this economic situation if even possible? Are the front office roles of much demand? I've read several recruitment outlook by HR agencies, seems like "Compliance" is a highly demanding positions in HK due to regulatory changes (but who isn't in the world). US is still cutting left and right within all major bulge bracket banks, M&A activity are slow. Are there any routes that I need to grind/take, or would it be possible to hop on the band wagon without too much difficulties?

All comments are welcome !
Much Thanks