Ideas for 17 year old

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    Ideas for 17 year old

    Our 17 1/2 year old son has just joined us from Australia, and has applied to go to college in the States in the Fall. He's looking for some kind of a job for a few months. If anyone has an idea, I'd love to hear about it. He was told by one employer that he was too young to teach English, although no post-high school qualifications were required, and he's super with kids, and did really well at school. He has virtually no Chinese.

    All ideas appreciated

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    I am an international student studying in Hong Kong, call me Michael if you'd like. I turn 17 in May and I understand your situation quite a lot. I got a job last summer at a company that sells medical equipment to hospitals and clinics, however, after a week of working there, I didn't fit into the work environment due to the lack of Cantonese I could speak.

    Finding a job here that only requires English as a language medium is quite difficult. Bars and clubs are certainly out of the question for us as it is illegal, however, I believe some restaurants like Fat Angelo's, and Krispy Kreme are willing to hire teenagers, especially during the daytimes (at lunch hour) where most of the youth community are at school.

    Otherwise, you could try to help out at an international primary school. Beacon Hill, Kowloon Junior and Clearwater Bay school are all ESF schools and they might be able to find some sort of assistant job suitable for your son.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what else there is. English-medium jobs are really hard to find here, and unless you've got qualifications, you can't really do much besides waitering and assisting.

    If all fails, maybe going to do some charity work would be good, so you don't waste your time here. I go to Crossroads International (Crossroads Foundation - Home) and I enjoy it very much there when I go there every week.

    I wish you luck, waitering isn't really that bad, especially in restaurants like Fat Angelo's. I heard the workers there are very friendly. My e-mail address is if you yourself, want to keep in touch or if your son would like someone to talk to about life in Hong Kong.

    I myself, have just sent my brief CV to an employer, looking to hire a part-time showroom assistant. It's only for weekends, as I have school, but I won't know if I get it 'til they send me a reply. So wish me luck too with that. Haha.

    That's it from me,

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    another 17 year old here =p i've got several english tutoring jobs - one with a company, and the others are all private tutoring. where do you live?

    if he's interested in that sort of thing, i'm working at a new tattoo and piercing studio in Causeway Bay that's looking for a part time receptionist? =p

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    [Wish me luck with that too]

    Michael, from your post (well written for 17??) you should do just fine...

    Factoid about myself, I accidently got a corp job at 17, I'd been working PT since twelve, was very mature, so they didn't think to ask my age and I didn't think to say - application didn't ask for it! I mentioned it in passing 3 months later and they got the necessary minors permit to keep me, but kinda funny story... is why I have 10 years corp experience now at 27.

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    Michael - thanks for your ideas. He is going to look into Crossroads straight away. I think volunteering is a great idea, and it would be great for him. Good luck with your job application!

    Muddykins - he's definitely interested in tutoring. We live in Stanley. Can you recommend how to get into it?

    Thanks everyone.

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    theres several agencies around HK island that are looking for parttime and fulltime volunteers - it depends on whether he'd prefer to do lessons from the clients home or work at a school. and [i think thats the address?] have loads of offers and such, and theres one in the jobs forum here, something about 9class thats an agency that'll hook you up with clients if you give them your CV and such. =3

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    Hey just found this post (see below) - although desire English and Cantonese but after all finding capable and committed volunteers can be a challenge. This experience seems as if it is a good opportunity for exposure on various issues affecting Hong Kong. Not to mention a potential eye opener on resume/CV.
    Hi all,

    Wanna see if anyone interested in volunteer jobs in a NGO for Sustainable Development-PCSD (Hong Kong People's Council for Substainable Development).

    Basic requirements:
    1. Long-term commitment
    2. At least 3 half-days per week
    3. Good at English/Chinese, prefer both
    4. Ethusiastic about sustainability and NGO works

    1. Daily office work (admin, secretary, and support)
    or 2. Education kit and Pulication material preparations

    Office located in Wai Chai. Transportation fee can be covered.

    Insterested party, please contact PCSD:
    Vice-chairman Plato Yip: [email protected]
    or councillor Jeanne Ng: [email protected]

    or kindly reply this thread.


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    Hey I have heard that CanCham is seeking interns ... I don't think nationality and language expertise is so important ... you may also consider approaching AustCham to see if they are willing to take on a non paid intern.

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    Take a look at this ...