Freelance salary

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    Freelance salary

    Hello folks,

    I've been offered a one month freelance work from a game developing company in Hong Kong.

    They are asking me how much compensation I would like to get for that.

    I'm not trying to squeeze them out of as much as possible, I'm just wondering what would be a reasonable salary.

    It seems that a person with a higher diploma or above in computer science would be looking at 8-12 K HKD per month for a full time job. That in itself is interesting because it is at least a third of what you would make in Europe.

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    Ultimately it depends on how desperate you are for the work and maybe if you price yourself competitively then it could lead to a lot more referrals etc.

    In HK you have to accept the fact theres more competition due to fresh grads etc and any company will of course go for the cheaper option.

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    Well this situation is rather relaxed, they want to work with me, and I am not desperate.

    This money thing is just a formality, sort of.