Hard to Find a Job?

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    Hard to Find a Job?

    I am considering a transfer to Hong Kong and was wondering how hard it would be for my girlfriend to find a job over there if we are not married. She is an American citizen and has been doing marketing and investor relations for a Hedge Fund in the US. Obviously they would have to sponsor her work visa since we aren't married, but are there even any opportunities in this field for someone who only speaks English? Any good places to look for openings?


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    Sham Tseng
    • What level is she in her current organization?
    • Is it possible she can get a transfer to HK if her company exists here?

    Otherwise, if her role / job capacity can be filled by locals then it will be very very challenging if not impossible.

    Other possibilities,
    • She could always get an Certification to Teach English.
    • She could try to get accepted into a university programme here at HKU, CU, HKUST and come on a student visa.
    • She could enter and exit HK to China every three months but she would not be allow to work or volunteer while she was here.
    • And you could just get married but this does not seem like an option for you both at this time.