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    Good Companies

    Besides the NET Scheme, what are some good companies to work for when teaching English in Hong Kong?

    I'm talking about decent pay and a honest boss and supervisors. Working on Saturdays isn't a huge deal.

    Also, my husband is ethnically Korean. He grew up in Michigan and speaks no Korean other than the little Korean he learned working in Korea for about 2 years. He has about 5 years experience teaching English in Korea, Thailand, and Japan combined and TEFL certification. Will it be hard for him to find a job in Hong Kong since he's not white?


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    For a comparable salary/ package to the NET scheme, you could try ESF. Being Korean by race doesn't mean he can't get a job but there will be certain principals who (although they won't say as much) would favour a white teacher for the school 'image'. A lot of NETs are not white though, so don't worry.