HK exchange student looking for Summer Business Internship

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    HK exchange student looking for Summer Business Internship

    Hello all,
    I am a third year business student from Kelley School of Business studying here in HK at CityU. Triple Majoring in Finance, International Business, and Business Economics and Public Policy. I have been quite busy with school work up till now but I have recently decided that I would like to take up a summer internship here in HK. This city is amazing and a great place for a finance student. I am up for any suggestions.
    Many Thanks

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    Sham Tseng

    Honestly speaking you are starting a bit late to look for a summer job and/or a paid internship and/or an unpaid internship to gain experience.

    However, move forward in your quest ... just means that you have to work extra hard to play catch up.

    What you will need: Get your resume in order, have a kick butt opening/introduction letter, contacts - typically obtained in a number of ways.

    I would contact the various Chamber of Commerce's to see if they can put you in touch with companies seeking interns and/or companies that can use your budding skill sets

    Second, working simultaneously target the alumni of your school working in your preferred industry and see if they have openings ... if not be prepared to create your own position that fits/suits the needs of their organization.

    Next, continuing to work simultaneously, cold contact those professionals and/or companies in HK you have identified through your career research and propose to them a job/internship for the summer. This means present them with a solid job/internship description in which you can do for them. You do so by identifying a possible support role or a means of fulfilling a gap they may possibly have within their organization. Also ask if you could shadow a few professionals to gain an understanding.

    I am offering all of this having assumed you have spoken with the career development center & your professors at your school --- if you haven't done this .... DO IT they tend to be the best connected.

    Keep your head high and stay motivated!
    Best of Luck!