Summer internship in HK

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    Summer internship in HK

    Im an undergraduate student at Purdue University (USA) majoring in Aerospace Engineering and I was looking for an internship or job for possibly a month. Can you suggest to me where I can find one?

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    As many other posts on here note, you are much to late to begin searching for a summer internship with a company that has a formal internship program and your chances of finding one are quite slim (although not necessarily impossible). The recruiting, interviewing and selection process takes place in the fall. If you have any contacts in HK you can try to use those. If not, you should be using Purdue's career services center and contacting alumni associations to see if any alums work in a suitable area in HK. There are other posts on here that discuss generally what you should do when starting this late. Additionally note many internship programs run for a minimum of six weeks. Good luck.

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    Other than the timing issues - why would someone who wants to work in Aerospace want to choose Hong Kong for an internship? Would you not be better of looking within the United States or in Europe?

    And working on an internship with a mainland china related company might actually harm your future career if you're looking at DoD related work in the US.

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    ok the thing is I actually live in hk and dont hold a US green card yet. Moreover I don't mind if the opportunity is something unrelated to my major as well (something like teaching would be great) so long as I can do something over the summer. Here's my side of the story. Another alternative is whether I could do some sort of community service activity involving teaching, as I think Im a good teacher and want to contribute as much to the community as I can.

    Thanks for providing help