UK ACCA Qualified Accouantant-chances to get job in HK?

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    UK ACCA Qualified Accouantant-chances to get job in HK?


    I married to my husband two year ago and moved to UK. However due to my parents old age I really want to move back to HK. What is the chances my english husband can get a job in HK? He is a qualified ACCA accountant and have 20 years of experience. However, he can't speak the language there ....

    We also tried to apply NET (native english teacher) in HK. Unfortunately we didn't get the interview probably due to his lack of teaching experience.

    Thank you so much for your help in advance !!!

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    I read a little while ago that accountants were in demand in Hong Kong, although I'm not sure if that is at all levels.

    Why not try contacting some of the employment agencies such as Michael Page (Jobs & Career Advice at Michael Page) or Robert Half (Robert Half Hong Kong) - they should be able to give your husband an idea of his chances and roles available. There is also an online job website that has accounting jobs you could check out : Job search, talent recruit & career resources | JobsDB Hong Kong

    Good Luck!