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    Smile looking for suggestiong

    Hi, everyone
    I'm a new graduate, and will have a group interview for my first job in an accounting firm . Please give me some suggestions on which kind of questions will be asked in group interview. Pls give me some advices on how to prepare that interview.

    Thank you

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    spelling wouldn't hurt

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    Sham Tseng

    Keep in mind that group interviews typically ask the group to read a case study discusss and come to a working solution.

    You will be measured on

    • Leadership qualities
    • Stress
    • Communication with possible team mates
    • How the candidate will face the public and customers
    • What level of knowledge candidates have
    • How knowledge is used in a discussion

    Show your opinion but let the other candidates speak. Ignore any candidates who are too aggressive or make any personal remarks. Try to avoid getting in one to one conversations. It is always a good idea to have the final statement in a group interview.

    Generally this is not the final interview if you can make it pass this stage.

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    Smile thx

    thank you so much for your advice