newbie alert - can anyone please advise/help?

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    Thumbs up newbie alert - can anyone please advise/help?

    Hi Guys,

    First of all I have to say this forum is pretty cool. It has such a nice tone of.. niceness and warmness about it. Hats off to the mods!

    After visiting Hong Kong from Australia its been hard to shake it off. I love it, so I'm coming back in a few weeks to search for a job as an analyst in the Investment / Asset management universe.

    Unforunately the experience I've clocked to date isn't crash hot specific. I have less than three years of patchy experience, in three relatively big firms, mainly with 'accountant' as a title. I majored in accountancy and finance.

    So in summary, yes, it's shaping up to be an international career switch, I'm an economist at heart, creative and possess an interest in the markets from a top down-analysis viewpoint. I'm in my Mid twenties, possess basic mandarin and armed with a 90 day tourist visa.

    Is any respectable forum members willing to give me some advice on the best way to go about my goal? Or given that the thin threads that hold the world economy intact is about to break their advice would be to stay put in a land where food is still abundant?

    Or better still, if anyone knows of an invesmtent analyst opening and is willing to hand in my resume to their Fund's local cute, or no so cute HR lady... and it turns into an interview... I'll shout you a drink?

    Just fishing

    Cheers all!

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    Sham Tseng

    See this thread as it may assist you: