Eng-Jap Bilingual job

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    Eng-Jap Bilingual job

    I moved to HK last year from Tokyo, after a 11-years stint there, with the intention of restarting my career that had taken a backseat due to other priorities in life.
    After trying hard for almost 6 months, I realize that being an Eng-Jap bilingual with an engg/project experience is not enough to get a job here. I would appreciate any advice in helping me get a job w/o having to learn Mandarin/ Cantonese. If any of you have contacts in Japanese companies here, I would be thankful for introductions.
    Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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    Thought about the banks? Not sure what sort of PM experience / qualifications you'd have or need, but there are a ton of bankers here who always seem to be traveling to Tokyo.

    Also, I assume you've already contacted the local Japanese Chambers / Consulate?

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    Hey Shalini!

    Welcome to GeoExpat!

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    Weird, I joined to post something eerily similar. I'm a Canadian living in Japan hoping to land a translation gig in Hong Kong. I'm fluent in English, Japanese, and passable (but improving) Mandarin and was wondering what the job market for translators was like out there.

    I hope you'll keep us posted on your progress.

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    Sorry, could not reply earlier. The job-hunt is surely keeping me busy. I realized that a Jap-eng combo is not a very hot commodity in HK. But knowing Mandarin surely adds a lot of value. It also depends on various other factors such as if you are looking to work for a translation company or any industry where your trilingual skills will be of use. And of course, your past experience also matters to a certain extent. I seem to have all the wrong combinations. - an engineering qualification with project experience & in the search of a Jap-Eng job to hone my skills so that I can specialize in the field of technical translation. Pls do get in touch with me when you are in HK or if you wish to know anything more. My e-mail ID is [email protected].
    Best of Luck!