Genuine or rip-off Job Offer for HK/Shanghai?

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    if u spend more than 162 or 165 days in total in china then u can get taxed for 30% up. this is a killer.

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    Hey Y'all...

    Thanks again for your continued's what I'm struggling with at the moment...this is most likely the campus I will be placed at, it's in Shanghai but I'm not sure how to punch it into a mapping site properly.

    This is the address:

    Block C, Blue Sky
    VillaNo. 1980
    Hongquio Rd.

    Anyone know the area?...could you help me point it out on a map?

    PS. I have received mixed messages regarding how i will be taxed...some of you say it will be not much...others say quite a bit. My stay will be from July 31st, 2008 until next july 2009. I am there because I will be working for a Hong Kong company. How do I go about finding which tax I will be put under?

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