Wanting Teaching Job

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    Wanting Teaching Job

    What do I have to do to get a job in HK. I know most schools prefer applicants to be present in HK for an interview, but not every English speaking applicant lives in HK.

    I possess a B.A Degree in Arts and a Graduate Diploma in TESOL. Both my qualifications are recognised Internationally.

    Any advice, other than looking on the SCMP is appreciated.



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    teaching job

    Here's a site with most of the internationals schools in Hong Kong. Check their websites for jobs and you can always send an email or your resume to the principals/heads of school.

    Shambles in S.E.Asia : Hong Kong International Schools

    Most of the larger/better schools in Hong Kong hire at job fairs in February. if you're really serious, you should consider attending next year.

    Other option is to check out NET jobs on the government website.

    EDB - Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme

    Good luck