Need your helpful tips on contract negotiations

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    Need your helpful tips on contract negotiations


    I would appreciate any tips from expats out there who have 'successfully' negotiated another contract with HK employer.
    I've already done one 2 year contract with my current employer and hope to start negotiations again soon.
    By successful I mean above and beyond the usual 3-5% offered, that a lot of Chinese seem to accept, or maybe they don't like to negotiate? (just an observation, but it makes it harder for expats to negotiate good terms).
    I used to work as a teacher and left that for a job where the organization I work for is under contract with a government department but cannot qualify for any civil servant increase.
    I want at least a 12% raise, any tips you found useful when negotiating (particularly with Chinese Human Resources) is much appreciated!


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    No specific advice with regard to Hong Kong, but I would suggest showing them exactly why you are worth that amount,and if possible preparing examples of the market salary for the job you do and any evidence of a 12% increase in salaries in your field over the past 2 years.

    One friend tried negotiating with a local employer (a kindergarten) and was basically told, accept the offer or good-bye. She was QKT qualified with 9 years experience.

    This is just one example and am sure other people on here will have more positive stories.